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About Us

Welcome to Rouge Garments

We are a Luxury Bondage manufacturer based in the UK.

Our products are all hand crafted from carefully selected materials to ensure we supply only the highest quality products.
Our catalogue consists of over 300+ products in solid or mixed colours items ranging from Leather, Suede, Marble, Faux Leather and Stainless Steel.

We have worked very hard to build core ranges, this enables stores whether online or bricks and Mortar, to show case the Rouge Brand in a

very effective way enabling the end consumer to become familiar with the brand and its positioning.

Here at Rouge we sit down weekly to discuss and create new items that will fit well within our current inventory.

We are also very much open to our customer’s feedback and will work with them to create new ideas and get them into production.

We like to work closely with our dedicated distributors and support them in every way necessary.

All Rouge Leather products come unpackaged. After doing extensive research and speaking with both bricks-and-mortar store owners and online store owners, we found out that the end consumer cares more about the quality of the product and its look and feel as opposed to the packaging the product comes in, So we decided to focus solely on the quality and usefulness of the product to provide consumers with a luxury product at competitive prices.

Our Stainless Steel range is available in a clamshell or a case depending on the weight of the item.

If you would like to become a  distributor, wholesale or dropship customer please contact our office on 01707 339232.

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